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All About Me

Enhance your travels, or explore new local experiences with a quality Walking Tour Guide. I’m Vivienne, and I’m here to guide you on your next memorable trip.

I am a third-generation Wanchai local who has been living in the neighbourhood since born. My family built and lived in one of the listed heritage in Hong Kong that gave me the first-hand experience in the “old HK” local culture and the way of living. I got the chance to listen to a lot of stories and forgotten history about wanchai.

Having worked in the hotel industry, I have developed an inquisitive mind: always bearing the traveler’s mindset -- always looking for fun, adventure and pleasure.

I went to numerous walking tours in Europe during my working holiday in France and I was absolutely fascinated by different cultures and stories I heard of. Back to Hong Kong, I have been dreaming of organising walking tours to tourists - not only to bring an exciting experience to tourists, but also to record the old Wanchai stories that might soon be forgotten.

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