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Get around in Hong Kong

You won't say Hong Kong is a mega city but when comes to move around, you cannot avoid taking transports. Here are some different styles of getting around in Hong Kong ;)

If you're a lazy and rich traveller:

Taxi is definitely your choice! The taxi fee in Hong Kong is not that high when compared to other international cities. But it's still more pricy when compared to other transport means. However, not all of the taxi drivers here are friendly. Some of them tend to choose where to drive to so they can maximize their profits. So here are some tips to be a smart traveller:

- Open the taxi door before telling the driver where you're going to (so the driver cannot easily reject you and drive away)

- if the driver really rejects you, ask affirmingly why. it's illegal to reject taking passagers.

Uber is also an option however it's not as prevailing as in other countries.

If you're a practical and budget traveller:

Taking the MTR (underground) or bus is always convenient. You can easily plan where to take off and walk to your destination. Just be ready to be a canned sardine fish if you're taking MTR, or get stucked in a traffic jam during rush hour if you're taking a bus.

If you're a cultural and local lover:

Tram is your choice! The locals call it "ding ding" as that's how its horn sounds. It only operates on Hong Kong island. It's a must-do if you immerse in its slow-pace to your destination while enjoying the scenery along the hustle and bustle route.

Another option is taking the ferry. Take a slow ride from central to Tsim Sha Tsui or vice versa to enjoy the beautiful skyline along the famous Victoria harbour. You can always get a seat there and take as much photos as you want for your instagram ;)

And you'll be amazed by how much they cost :P

if you're an adventurer:

You have to try taking a minibus! This is how it operates: You get on it, pay for it, sit down and when u arrive, you shout to the driver to stop for you. There's no definite stop on the route and there's a chance that the driver changes the route due to traffic situation so you need to be alert! People usually say "yau lok" to the driver, which means "someone needs to get off". Then the driver will stop the minibus and let you get off. It's a nice interaction with locals if you don't mind getting a bit lost. :P

There are actually varies applications to guide you on which transport to take to go to your destination in Hong Kong. Want to know which one is the most popular among locals? Click the link below to ask the destination expert.


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