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Why now is the perfect time to travel in Hong Kong

Mid autumn festival in Hong Kong

Autumn is the best time to visit Hong Kong.

Not as humid as spring, avoiding the hot and sweat in summer (and of course the typhoons), no worries in stay indoor in winter where everywhere is only with cold air-conditioning instead of heating!

During this short period of chill and dry time, weather is generally nice. Not much worries about raining. Visibility is normally high where the harbour and the peak is beautifully visible.

Not to mention the cultural activities here!

Mid-autumn festival, Chung Yeung Festival, Thanksgiving...

Wine and dine festival, Beertopia and much more!

It's also a good time to go hiking in Hong Kong where the nearest hiking trail from city center is only half an hour away. You can even hike up to the famous the Peak under this weather, avoiding the crowds at the peak tram and bus stations.

Grab this golden chance to visit this vivid city under the perfect travelling season! ;)

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